Merchant can't register their Clover device with a LoyLap application and is getting 'Error Code 404/400'

Follow the below steps to amend a Merchants end user email in the event their Clover admin email is the same.

Sometimes a business owner will create an end user (customer account) with us prior to registering their clover device to one of our applications - This causes many issues when trying to complete a Merchant set up.
*Generally, the Merchant will see a notification pop up on their screen reading 'Error Code 404 or Error Code 400' - If this is reported, the first thing that you need to do is search the Admin portal for their email.
- See details below on how to rectify this error.
Every merchant has a unique owner email associated with their Clover account, this account cannot be used for an end user account as it confuses the backend and the Merchant will not be able to log into their app on their clover device if the Clvoer email is already recognised on the Admin portal.
*When a merchant downloads a LoyLap app on Clover, our system automatically uses this email owner to register the business in our backend - The easiest way to understand this is if you were to compare your Apple account monthly subscriptions to Clover - You install an app via your logged in apple account and then any emails/billing notifications from the installed app are automatically sent to that same email. 

  • If the Merchant is getting the notification 'Error Code 404/400', follow these steps : 
    • Ask the Merchant for the email registered to the Clover account.
    • Search in the admin portal to see if this email address already exists

      *under 'Members' 

    *If it does exist, the LoyLap representative must explain issue to merchant and request an alternative email from them for their member (end user/customer) account.
    • Once an alternative email has been provided, search for the Clover registered email that is currently linked to a member account, click on the account, click edit and replace the email with the email that the merchant provided as an alternative.

    • Once updated, ask the merchant to uninstall reboot and reinstall the app from the 'More Tools' app on their Clover device, and try to register an account.
      • Let the merchant know that that they will receive an email to reset their password for the alternative email provided, so that they can also login to their member (end user/customer) account.