Enabling Order Ahead on Android & iOS Member Apps'

Follow the below steps to enabled 'Order Ahead' on both IOS and Android phones.

When Order Ahead is turned on for a new merchant in the new admin portal, it only makes the 'Order Ahead' button visible on iOS.
Therefore, you need to ensure that the 'Order Ahead' functionality is turned on in both the old and new admin portal, as described below:

How to Enable 'Order Ahead' within the iOS Member App:

To enable it for the Android app too, this needs to be turned on in the old admin portal
To enable 'Order Ahead' on IOS, log into the new admin portal and follow the below steps. 
1) Search for the business.
2) Click on the business and then click on 'Info'
3) Then click on 'Settings'
4) Then click on 'Order Ahead' and ensure that 'Enabled' is ticked.
*Ask the merchant if they want order to auto accept as they come through prior to ticking that setting. 
5) Then go into the branch section and select the intended location and repeat the same steps.
Info -> Settings -> 'Order Ahead' -> 'Enabled' 
^The above steps only work for the IOS devices. To enable "order Ahead' so that Android users can use the app, you need to log out of the new admin portal and log into the old one to add one more setting. See below:

How to Enable 'Order Ahead' within the Android Member App:

*Leave the 'Order Ahead' information as is when you log into the old portal, as it carries across - There is only one change that you need to make on the old portal. 
1) Click on the edit button on the merchants home page. 
2) Ensure that 'Enable Ordering' is ticked and then press save.  

Ordering should now be enabled in both the iOS and Android member apps. Please be sure to check both apps after amending the settings above, to ensure the features are working.