How can I generate a Liability Report for outstanding Gift Card balances for my Business

Following the steps in this article you will be able to generate a liability report for your oustanding Gift Cards

The LoyLap Dashboard homepage has a widget which will give you an immediate live view of your outstanding Gift Card liabilities. You can access this at any time by logging into your account at and scrolling to the bottom of the homepage, and clicking ‘Gift Card Overview’. 

Gift Card Overview

Here you will see the 

Gift Card Purchased
Total Redeemed
Total Outstanding Liability 
Total Expired 

You will be able to see the value of each column by hovering you mouse over the 

For a more detailed view, or to view activity within a certain period, you can download a Transaction report. You can do so by navigating to the ‘Reports’ section in the top left of your LoyLap Dashboard, and then selecting ‘Transactions Reports’ . 

Reports Transactions

Our transaction reports have multiple filters which enable you generate transaction reports by:
Filters Arrow
Date Range 
Add (Credit) or Redeem (Debit) 
Type e.g. Gift Card, Digital Gift Card (Upfront), Refunds etc
Plus others which are more relevant to Merchants using our Loyalty Programs also. 

Transactions Filter Search

To generate a Transaction report for Gift Cards, please select your desired date range, whether you want to view credits and/or debits, and whether you wish to have physical and/or digital Gift Card in your report. 

Once you have completed your filters you can generate your report and download to excel or any spreadsheet as a csv file. 


This will then allow you to review the data with Excel / Google Sheets and filter the data as you desire.

Should you have any further question or require additional support then please contact us by email using