Adding a button to your Wix website to sell Digital Gift Cards

Once you have online payments set up with LoyLap, you can sell digital Gift Cards from your WIX powered website in just a few steps.

1) Get your unique Digital Gift URL by searching your business at Should you not be able to find your businesses, please see the end of this article for details on how to get set up.

2) On your WIX homepage go to 'add' followed by 'button'

3) Click 'Change Text' and add wording similar to 'Buy Digital Gift Card'

4) Select the button and click 'link' - now paste your unique LoyLap digital Gift Card URL

5) Save - you're all done!


Here is a video from WIX also on how to add custom links to your website



If your business does not currently appear on, please contact or contact us here to get set up