Adding your Business Details to LoyLap

Using the steps in this article you will be able to complete your LoyLap account setup.

1) Log into your LoyLap account using


2) Business Information

Go into 'Settings' & 'Company Details

Company Details

From here you can input your business information using the edit button.

Company Details Edit

Once all the information has been input hit the save button in the bottom right.

Company Details Edited

3) App Design

Next click on 'App Design' so you can configure how your business will appear within LoyLap. We'll go through each step so you can configure the appearance to be on brand with your business. You can use the preview on the right hand side as a reference.

App Design-1

Hit Upload under Business Logo and choose a local file to be able to upload your desire image. This process is the exact same for any background images you wish to set as well as the Order Ahead banner.

Upload Business Logo

Local File

Save Logo

You can also set your colour scheme by clicking next to the Options outlines on the page.

Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme Option

Once you have your desired colour hit apply. The below example shows how the preview has changed based upon your inputs.

Finished App design

Once complete ensure you hit save in the bottom right section of the screen.

4) Branch Details & Opening Hours

Click on Branches on the left hand side and then click on the Branch you wish to change the details for.


This will take you into the options for this specific Branch. Hit the 'Edit Button' next to each heading to be able to make your amendments.

Location Details

Under Description you can add the name to your Branch aswell as provide your customers an email address or a phone number for that specific branch.

Business Details Edit

Input the address for your branch.


Address Edit

Finally input your opening hours so customer know when you are open.

Opening Hours

The Opening Hours work in 12 hour segments. If you want to change to 'AM to 'PM or vice versa just click on the icon and this will change. You can also use the tick boxes next to the times to indicate if you are open or closed on specific days. Once you have the hours input hit 'Save' in the bottom right.

Opening Hours Edit

Now your business should be configured in line with your brand aswell as your opening hours.