Amending the order in which products and categories appear in your online Menu

Follow the below steps to customise your inventory so that products and categories appear in your preferred order.

1) Log into your business portal on and click on 'Inventory'


Screenshot 2021-01-22 at 14-16-37-png-2


2) Click on the inventory/category that you want to edit 



3) Scroll down until you see 'Sort Order' 

-  The sort order will list the inventory item in numeric order within that category.



4) Define the order that you would like your products to be listed as in your online menu.

- For example, entering the number 1 as shown above will place the product at the top of the list in a given category, entering number 5 will place the product in 5th place, etc.


5) Press 'Save' in the bottom right corner and sync your inventory (by pressing the 'Synchronise' button in the top right corner on the Inventory main page) to see the product sort order updated on your Clover device/s.  


Editing the sort order for product categories :


1)  Amending categories on your business portal: Similar to editing products in your inventory list, you can edit the name of the category and order in which the categories appear in your online menu.

- Click on 'Categories' 


2) Click on a listed category and you can then edit the order as required. 

- Click 'Save'

Check your category list to see the category to see the changes that you've made