Bulk Update Customer Balances

1. Login to your Business account at loylap.com


2. After logging in successfully, click on the Customers section highlighted in the image below

Bulk Upload Customers


3. Click Bulk Upload on the top right hand corner of your screen and then select Update Balance, indicated below:


Bulk Upload Types



4. Before you upload your CSV file on this page, please read through the How to Use the Balance Upload and download the template.

Bulk Upload Balance How to

5. The first row in your CSV file should have columns labeled email, amount

You can choose to delete any column you'd like.


6. Strictly follow the below formats while populating your CSV file

email - please enter valid email format. example: john.doe@gmail.com

amount - decimal number only. Do not include currency or any other formatting. example: 50.00


7. Now that your CSV file is ready and in the correct format, you may proceed to upload your CSV

Select the branch to which you would like to upload the New Customers CSV file to

Please select the checkboxes stating that the customers in the CSV file have provided consent

Click on Upload.


Bulk Upload Balance Upload



CONGRATULATIONS! You have now successfully bulk updated your customers' balances!