Bulk upload new customers

With LoyLap, you can now bulk upload gift cards. This is an ideal feature for customers looking to pre-load cards with amounts or if you are trying to migrate from your old gift card provider to LoyLap.

Please follow the below guide on how to Bulk Upload new customers

1. Login to your Business account at https://www.loylap.com/business_portal/#/login


2. After logging in successfully, click on the Customers section highlighted in the image below


3. Click Bulk Upload on the top right hand corner of your screen, indicated below:



4. Select Upload New Customers, indicated below


5. Before you upload your CSV file on this page, please take a moment to ensure that your CSV file is in the correct format. Download the Sample CSV Here


6. The first row in your CSV file should have columns labeled name, nickname, email, phone_number, dob, gender, amount

You can choose to delete any column you'd like.


7. Strictly follow the below formats while populating your CSV file

name - alphabets only. example: John Doe

nickname - alphabets only. example: JD

email - please enter valid email format. example: john.doe@gmail.com

phone_number - valid phone numbers without spaces. example: +353891321111

dob - YYYY-MM-DD format. example: 1988-01-31

gender - 'male' or 'female'

amount - decimal number only. Do not include currency or any other formatting. example: 50.00

card_number - (optional) LOYLAP CARD NUMBER ONLY. Only enter this column if you know your LoyLap card numbers

role - (optional) Only two options: Manager, Contractor


8. Now that your CSV file is ready and in the correct format, you may proceed to upload your CSV

Select the branch to which you would like to upload the New Customers CSV file to

Please select the checkboxes stating that the customers in the CSV file have provided consent

Click on Upload.


Congratulations! You have now successfully bulk uploaded new customers to LoyLap!