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Change Business Loyalty

How to add/update your the loyalty rewards for your business.

1. Login to your Dashboard using loylap.com

2. Hover over 'Settings', then click on 'My Loyalty'.

My Loyalty


You will then see the below screen. From here you will want to click on 'Edit'.

Edit Loyalty


3. From here you can choose/change your Loyalty type. The example below shows stamp loyalty being available and that 9 stamps are required to get a free item on your 10th visist.

Loyalty Stamp


4. To change the loyalty type, simply click on the the circle next to the option you want to select, this will change the loyalty settings below. Once you are happy with the setting, click save.

Change Loyalty Credit


5. You loyalty type has now change. To ensure this is reflected on your Clover POS please refresh the app and check you settings by following this guide.