Check the Inventory items

Inventory items can potentially get deleted, follow the steps here to re-add the items:

  1. On your Clover device, open the Inventory app.
    You might have to swipe to the left to see this app.
  2. In the Inventory app, tap Items.
    The system opens the Inventory app to the page where you last worked. If you don't see the Items tab, use the arrow at the top left corner to navigate to the top page.
  3. Tap Add Item.
  4. Tap each entry field and add basic details. You can add basic details now or later. Only the item name is required.
    • Item Name:
    • Price:
    • Stock Quantity:

  1. Add optional item details by tapping Edit for each one.
    • Categories: "LoyLap Self Checkout"

  1. When you are done, tap Save at the top right to save this new item.

The Clover system lists your new inventory item on the Web Dashboard and shows it on every Clover device.