Clover Loyalty Settings




Loyalty Set up

To set up or edit your Loyalty reward:

The first time you access “Loyalty” select your Loyalty type (Credit or Stamp).

To set up Loyalty values by product, select “setup”.

LoyLap will scan the categories you have set up in the “Register” app, select a category you wish to apply Loyalty to.

Select “category wide” to select all items or select the items individually.

You can then set reward by product.

Press “back” to enter another category or exit.


Alternatively, please see the video below for instructions on how to configure your stamp loyalty rewards.

Loylap Tutorial Video 3 Final Export-1


Excluding a Modifier from Loyalty

In the setup section, a merchant can choose which modifier groups they would like to exclude from their Loyalty system. If a group is excluded, modifiers in the group are not redeemed. For example, a coffee might have a 'large' modifier of €0.50 but still be eligible for stamps. When the user redeems a coffee, they will still be charged €0.50.