Configuring Stamp Loyalty on Clover Flex POS

Following the steps outlined in this article you will be able to configure your stamp loyalty setting on your Clover Flex



1) After downloading and signing up to our services. You'll need to open up the Loyalty app on your Clover Flex.


2) Once opened you'll want to tap on the 3 lines in the top left to open up the side menu. Then you tap on 'Loyalty Setup'.



3) You'll then see a list of all of your categories.


Tap into the category that you want to apply loyalty stamps to.


4) From here you can choose to either add rewards to specific items or the whole category. Tapping on each items allows you to adjust the reward for the specific item. If you want to apply the rewards to the entire category, tap on the green option at the top of the page.

Should you have any further questions or require additonal support, please contact us via email over on