How to connect an AIBMS or First Data Connect eCommerce account? (For Upfront)

Accept payments into an existing AIBMS or First Data Connect ECommerce account

AIBMS Connect and First Data Connect is a platform for accepting card payments online in a secure manner. It is secured by 3D Secure and fully compliant with PSD2. We can connect this account to your merchant account so that you can receive deposits here for the following services:

  • Digital Gift Cards,
  • Cashless Account loads,
  • Automated Top Ups,
  • Tokenized payments

If you have an existing ECommerce account with AIBMS or First Data Connect already set up, please contact us at providing your Connect Secret Key. This key is provided by AIBMS/ First Data when you first created your Connect account and it will be in an email you recieved. It'll look something like iT%op$. 


If you do not have a Connect account already, please email your Account Manager at AIBMS or First Data and ask them to activate the service on your account with the following settings:

  1. Enable the Virtual Terminal/ Connect access for the client
  2. Enable API Access
  3. Set "cardCodeMandatory" to false within the merchant configuration
  4. Add the 3dSecure service
    • Within the 3DSecure service, "Integration" should be set to "Server" (instead of "Library") to enable 3DS 1.0

When you receive the Connect Secret Key via email, send this to to connect to your account.


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