Creating a Category on your Experiences store

Following the steps in this article you can get a new category set up on your Experiences store.

1) Log into your business portal over on

Business Portal-1


2)  Click on the 'Create' option on the top right of the home page.


Create Category-1


Once clicked you'll be prompted to put the details in for the new category. Firstly you'll need to assign the Category to a Branch. Select the Experiences Branch from the drop down.

Category branch


You'll then need to assign a name & Sort Order to the Category.

The name will allow you to manage your experiences. The sort order will control the order in which the categories appear on your Experiences Page, starting from 1.

Then ensure the category is made Available for Ordering & Always Available so the products you assign to the category are listed. Then just hit save.

Category Ordering

That should be your Category created.

If you have any questions or require any further assistance then please contact us via email using