Creating an Experience store with LoyLap

Following the steps outline in this article you can get set up with an Experiences Store

It is worth noting that you need to be on the Grow plan at a minimum to be able to have an experiences store. You will also need a payment gateway to process payment, which you can read about below:
Setting up Judopay
Setting up Stripe

1) Log into your business portal on

Business Portal-1

2) You will need to create a new Branch to set up your Experiences store. From the home screen of the business portal, click on 'Create' & then 'Branch'.

Create Branch

From there input some basic information to finish the creation of the branch. Just hit Create once the information has been input.

4) From here you will now need to go into the branch and finish the set up. From the home screen of your business portal click on 'Settings' & then 'Branches'.


Then click into 'Details' of the Branch you want to amend.

Branch Details

You'll need to set the branch to be open 24/7. To do so click on 'Edit' for the opening house.

Experiences Opening Hours

Then ensure your hours are set like below, then just hit 'Save'.
Experiences Saved Hours

Finally, you just need to enable the interface. This can be done by clicking into 'Ordering Settings' and clicking on 'Edit'

Ordering Settings

Ordering Settings-1

From here you will need to ensure the following settings are enabled.
Experiences Interface

Experiences Ordering Settings 2

Once all of these are set, just hit 'Save'.

This will put your Experiences page live. Your next step is to get your experiences created and listed for sale. You can read more about how to set those up here.

Should you have any other questions or need further assistance. Please contact us over at