Creating my LoyLap account from my Clover POS device

If you have a Clover device, it is better to start your account creation with LoyLap on that device rather than directly on - starting the account creation on your device ensure your device IDs are all linked to your LoyLap account

1) Access the 'More Tools' section on your Clover POS or Web dashboard, and search 'Loylap' to find the app required for your business. This could be our 'Online Ordering', 'Gift Cards', 'Loyalty' or 'Self Checkout' App. These can be searched for from the search bar within the More Tools section.

2) Once the app has been located, tap into your chosen app and tap 'Connect' on the screen. This will then display the pricing information for the app. Once confirmed the installation process will begin.



3) Once the download is complete, please open the app where you'll be prompted to input your email address and set a password to create an account with LoyLap.

image (22)


image (21)


4) Once the account is created, you will be directed to your email to confirm the account and can complete the account registration on our Web onboarding environment. 


For information on how to complete onboarding via the LoyLap Dashboard, please follow this link -