Your Business Dashboard

Navigating and accessing features within your business dashbaord.

The new Business Dashboard (released 28th August 2019) features an improved and a more streamlined interface. The dashboard functionality has not changed, however the new layout and location of all features makes it easier to navigate and reach popular functions faster. We've also added enhanced data visualisation elements that are now more interactive than before. This update is largely aesthetic and we have not added or removed any functionality.

The new menu layout and design will form the basis of a number of UX and feature enhancements due to be released over the coming months. This article describes these changes so that your employees can transition with ease.


Top Menu Explained

The old left hand navigation bar has been replaced and now appears at the top of the Dashboard. All features, and sub-features can be accessed by this top menu.



The REPORTS tab contains historic data of all transactions, customers, order ahead (online orders) and automated reports.



You can create highly personalised marketing CAMPAIGNS using our latest Campaigns feature.  Leverage your existing data to send smart campaigns based on spend, visits, demographics and reward your customer base with highly flexible payments options, time limited promotions and product based offers.



The CUSTOMERS tab is your central hub to manage existing customers. This is the place to access the following activities:

  • Create a new customer profile
  • Edit an existing customer profile
  • Bulk upload a list of customers
  • Export your customers to CSV
  • Search for specific customers using available filters




The MORE tab in the top menu allows you to perform administrative duties and modify your account settings.

The Employee sub header allows you to add/edit Employees, set security PIN and assign access permissions.

The Settings sub header allows you to access all other available account settings such as

  • Business information
  • Theme/background/colors of your LoyLap app
  • Edit loyalty settings
  • Edit employee settings
  • Edit branch settings
  • Add Bank details for deposits from your customer's digital wallet
  • Email settings for order alerts sent to your customers (Order Ahead customers only)




The CREATE button is a quick and easy way to create new records and assets. It allows quick access from any screen to some of the most popular activities including creation of new:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Campaigns
  • Reports




Interactive Dashboard


Like the earlier versions, the new dashboard allows you to view analytics based on the filters you specify (indicated by the red boxes in the screenshot below)


Also, the dashboard now features clickable elements such as Top Spending customers and Customers total, indicated in the screenshot below:


Access Levels

As before, employee permission levels can be set to either Basic 0r Admin. Basic users will see fewer, restricted options and will not be able to make any system wide changes to your merchant account. Admin users on the other hand will have all available permissions.

You can change an employee's access level by navigating to MORE ->EMPLOYEES (from the top bar). Then selecting the edit option on the employee record. You can then change the permissions from the drop down as shown in the screenshot below:



Rolling back

As of now you are able you to switch back to the old dashboard. This is to allow existing users to perform critical or time sensitive activities before acclimatising to the new layout. You can switch back to the old dashboard by clicking on your profile button and select Switch back to old dashboard (indicated in the screenshot below)



We designed the new and improved Business Dashboard based on extensive feedback from our merchants along with industry leading UX experts with a view to improving the overall user experience. Our goal, as always, is to deliver a seamless experience to you and your customers and we hope you like the changes!


Please do not hesitate to contact for any further assistance you may need.