Enabling a Branch to accept online orders

Please read instructions below to learn how to enable your ordering settings at specific branches.

 How to Find your Branch Settings:

1) On your dashboard homepage, click on 'Settings' --> 'Branches'.


From here click on the Branch you want to amend.

Edit Branch-3

Navigate to the "Ordering' Section:

From within your branch settings, click on 'Ordering Settings' tab on the left side of the screen.

- Click on the 'Edit' button and ensure that 'Available for Ordering' is Enabled.

Ordersettings edit

Order Setage

Once this page has been saved, Ordering Enabled should have a purple tick to show this Branch is accepting Orders.


Fill in the Prep time

prep time

- The prep time is the time in which the order will be made and it will apply to all products. The order receipt will automatically print at the Prep Time level - e.g. in this example, 15 minutes before the product is due. 

* The prep time will restrict a customer from placing an order collection or delivery time shorter than the prep time. e.g. If your prep time is 15 mins and an Order is scheduled for 1PM, this means the customer would have had to place the order by 12:45 or before.


Ensure that the name and address fields are filled in, this will be used for customer contact. 


Company Details Edited


Navigate to the "Overview" Section:

Above the 'Ordering' section within your branch settings, you will see a tab called 'Overview'. Select this tab to make changes to your branch opening times and location.
The name, address and open times inputted here are what the customer will see on their app when ordering.
 To adjust the opening days and hours, scroll the the end of the overview page and tick on the box beside each day you want to make ordering available.
You can then set the opening hours for each day as required. Customers will be able to place orders during this time, so please ensure these are set correctly.

 Disabling a Branch:

At the bottom of your "Overview" section, you will see an option to 'Disable Branch'. When clicked, the below screen will appear. 

Please note that disabling the branch means that your customers will be unable to preorder and you will no longer be able to use Order Ahead on your POS at the branch you apply this change to.

Final Step:

Once you have applied the settings above and you are happy with your configuration, we recommend refreshing the Order Ahead app on you Clover device to ensure that the Order Ahead app is synced and it will update with the settings that you've set on your portal.