Get copies of Digital Gift cards sent to your own inbox

Here's what to do to get a copy of each Gift Card and receipt to an email inbox of your choosing so you can easily see what's selling and resent easily when required.

1. Set a backup email for vouchers:

Mistakes happen. Sometimes customers incorrectly type an email address, send it to the wrong place, accidentally delete it or it gets blocked by overzealous Spam systems. Having the word "Voucher" in an email doesn't help but is unavoidable and an element of failure is to be expected.

Our goal is to reduce this friction as much as possible and we highly recommend that you nominate an email address that you control to receive a copy of all vouchers, this way you can deal with these request quickly and easily. Please send this nominated email address to our support team to connect to your account. (We will shortly update this article with instructions on how to do this yourself).

Please email with your nominated email address and we'll get it set up