How do I reconcile my LoyLap Loyalty redemptions with my POS

Following the steps in this article you can understand how to create a new tender type on your POS with which to reconcile Loyalty redemption transactions

For some Merchants who use LoyLap on their Payments Terminal, or via or web and mobile apps, there may not exist a direct integration of transactions with your primary POS. In this case, you will want to manually record each LoyLap loyalty redemption transaction on your POS. To set this up, please follow the below instructions. 

Firstly you will need to create a new ‘Tender Type’ on your POS such that you can record when payment has been made via a LoyLap Loyalty balance. Your POS should enable you to create a new tender type either from an online Dashboard, or directly on the POS. Please create a new tender type called ‘LoyLap Loyalty’. 

Now when your Customers paying using a balance on a LoyLap account, your staff members can record the transaction as paid on the POS by utilising the new ‘LoyLap’ tender type.

Loyalty Loyalty can consist of either Stamps, Credit or Points. The LoyLap Dashboard will perfectly record each time Customer Loyalty has been earned and redeemed. By recording Loyalty redemptions against sales on your POS, it will ensure you always have the most accurate view of your outstanding liabilities and you will also be able to have more insight into any irregulates on the system to correct any employee errors or fraud. 

The process for being able to create these Tender Types and Products will vary depending on the POS system that you operate with and is worth inquiring with your POS provider if you have further questions.