How do I reorder my branded Cards?

Following the steps in this article you will be able to re-order your branded cards from your LoyLap business portal

1) Log into your account over on

2) From the home page, click on 'Settings' and navigate down to 'Gift Cards'
Gift Cards-1

3) You'll then be taken to the below page that will show all of the saved designs again your account. If you find that you have no designs showing then please contact us by email using
Order Highlight

You'll then be taken to the below page that will allow you to choose the type, quantity and shipping time for the cards.

Card Ordering Page

4) You'll need to choose a drop down in order, starting with the card type from the below options. In this example we'll be going with the PVC Standard Gift Card.
Gift Card Types
Once a type of card has been selected you'll be able to select a quantity. Click on the drop down to choose from our options, ranging from 100 to 10000.
Gift Card Quantity

After a quantity has been chosen you can then choose a delivery time scale between 5, 10 & 15 days. This will also show the price of the service. Please note that this value will change depending on the type of card, volume and delivery timescale.
Gift Card Shipping

5) Once you have input your choice the option to Add to cart will be available. Click on this to proceed. You will then have an order confirmation page adding on VAT and allowing you an option to Edit the order should you need to. If you are happy then click on Proceed to Checkout.
Order Confirmation Page

We will then present the billing & shipping address based on your business. You can choose to edit these if needed. The payment option of either your payment card or Direct Debit will be populated depending on your account. Once you are happy click on 'Pay Now'
Ordering Billing Pay

The order will then be placed and your cards should arrive within the specified delivery time.

If you have any further questions then please contact us via