How to change your Plan

Using the steps below you will be able to amend your plan within LoyLap

1) Log into your business portal over on


2) Click onto where your name in displayed in the top right of the screen. This will open a drop down where you can choose 'Billing'.
Name Highlight

Billing Highlight

3) This will take you to the below page. The top option on the page will show the current plan you are on as well as the associated cost of the plan. To change the plan you will need to click onto the 'Change Plan' option.

Plan Highlight

This will direct you to a page showing the details and cost, per location, of all of our plans.

LoyLap plans

Once you know the plan you wish to change to, just click on the 'Select' option of the plan you wish to change to and this will take effect immediately. The change is price will be reflective from your next generated invoice.

If you have any questions or requires further support, please contact us via email over on