How to Find & Refund a Payment in Authipay

Using the steps in this article you will be able to find a customers order and refund back to that same card within Authipay.

If you are using AIBMS Authipay to accept payments online, you should receive your Authipay login from AIBMS directly. These accesses are not issued by LoyLap. Any login or support issues you may experience with the Authipay portal will need to be handled by your AIBMS rep. 

1) Log into the Authipay Portal on:

Login Screen-1

2) Once logged in clock on the Reports section at the top of the page.


3) You will then see the below page. From there click on Orders.


4) You will then see the below options. Here is where you will need to specify what transactions you are looking for. The best method is to search for the date of the payment you wish to refund which can be done using the highlighted section. Once complete click 'Submit Query' at the bottom of the page.

Order Date Range

5) You will then see a list of transactions. Find the one from the list that you need to issue a refund for. All transactions are time stamped so you can cross reference this with your LoyLap business portal. Once you have found the transaction click on the Order Number on the left.

Order details

6)From this page you can set the amount to credit back to the customer using the 'Return Order' button.

Return Screen

Once pressed you will either see an 'Approved' or 'Declined' screen. The payment processing time for the refund is set by AIB so you will need to discuss with your Rep for confirmation on exact times. Payments can also be too old to be refunded on the portal. This is roughly 3 months however this is also worth confirming with your AIB rep.