How to add LoyLap as a native app on Word Press

Connect my LoyLap account to WordPress to sell Digital Gift cards from my own domain in a custom layout, rather than using the URL provided by LoyLap as an external link.

To get started, please ensure

  • You have your LoyLap merchant login email and password
  • You have set up a payment mechanism to accept online payments (see instructions here)
  • Your own website uses WordPress

To connect LoyLap to your WordPress please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your wordpress site (
  2. Go to Plugins->Add New
  3. Search for a plugin called "LoyLap Gift Cards"
  4. Install and activate the plugin
  5. From the wordpress navigation menu, select "LoyLap Options"
  6. Log in to the plugin using your Loylap Email and Password (to reset your password please visit
  7. Configure your settings. You can choose from the following:
    • Add a primary colour (if you want to change the colour of the button in the payment form)
    • Choose how to embed the form in your webpage:
      • New Page - creates a page on yor website called
      • Shortcodes - you can choose from 3 shortcodes that you can insert anywhere on your website (floating button, inline form, balance checker)
      • NOTE: Your website must have a valid and active SSL certificate to render the gift card form securely, otherwise you will just see the shortcode text on the page e.g. [loylap_inline_short]
    • Branding - you can add a logo, header image and descriptions to render inside the webview
    • Success URL - this is where your customers will return after successfully purchasing a Gift card. You can use this to display a thank you or success message branded to your liking.


1. Floating button on a home page:

2. Dedicated page with inline shortcode: