How to Sell More Gift Cards

Your customers want to give the Gift of your Business, just sometimes they don't know they can. Here are some ways to change that.

1) Make sure you tell people on social media.

- Post Instagram stories, mention your vouchers in your post captions, use Instagram promotions via Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising isn't free, but it is a worth while tool to try out! 


2) implement digital Gift Cards to make it easier.

Sell your digital gift cards on Instagram!

Please see this article on how to do that:


Sell your digital vouchers on your website by implementing a 'Buy a Voucher' button!

The process for setting this up varies on the website provider that you're using, but drop us a message at  and we will advise you on how to get that set up. 


Send your customers an email or post a facebook status/tweet to inform your customers that they can buy a digital voucher swiftly for your business at, Customers can choose an amount input a recipient email and a message and the recipient of the voucher will have their voucher in minutes! 


3)Put a sticker on the window

you never know when a passing customer has forgotten to buy their nearest and dearest a present - A  sticker on the window can be a discrete and much appreciated reminder to passers by that need to buy a gift for someone in their life and it ensures that they know you can solve their problem on the spot. 


4) Put them on display near your counter so people can see them when making a purchase

- Leave some vouchers by your till on a presentable stand, alongside some eye catching packaging to catch the attention of your customers, this is a great way to remind customers that may have forgotten about someones birthday or a special occasion.