How to set a Minimum Value to an Order

Learn how to set a minimum value that an Online Order must be in order for your customers to checkout

1) Log into your business portal on


2) Go into 'Settings' and then 'Branches'


3) Click on the Branch you wish to edit.

Click on Branch

4) Go into 'Ordering Settings' and then select the Ordering method. For this particular example we'll choose 'Delivery'.

Enter Delivery

From there. Hit the Edit button in the top right.

Edit Minimum Order

Now you can configure your 'Delivery' settings. Just change the value in the Minimum Order Size box to the value you want to set as the minimum amount.

Edited Minimum Order

Once you have set this make sure to scroll to the bottom and hit the green 'Save' button. 


You can also set a Minimum Order Value to each Order method. So you can have a different Minimum value for your Collection orders vs your Delivery orders. These are set in each Ordering method section.