How to Set Up a LoyLap Shop Inventory

By following the below steps you will be able to set up Inventories and make amendments to LoyLap shops

How to set up LoyLap Shop Inventories so customers can use the below options within the Business Portal to Order cards.

Categories -> Products -> Modifiers 

Categories = Card Type 
Product = Quantity 

Modifiers = Shipping 

You will need to know how to create Products, Categories & Modifier Groups. Links to articles are below:
Products & Categories

Modifier Groups

  1. Categories

Must contain the word ‘Gift Card’ in order to be displayed in Order Card tool in dashboard. Example from the EU shop below, other types of cards will need to be added as Categories.


2.   Products

Must list the different quantities available for ordering. This will be the quantity of cards that we currently list: 100, 250, 500, etc. These will be listed at 0 price, as we will set thew price in the nest step.

3. Modifiers

Must list the prices of the delivery options for that selected product (quantity). You will need to make a Modifier Group for each quantity. 

If you click into the option for 100, you can then see the options for the delivery times and enter the cost.

This step will need to be repeated and a new group will need to be made for each quantity and then modifiers within those for the delivery timescale and price.

Inventory must be created in same manner for all 4 shops - EUR, USD, GBP, CAD

VAT to be applied on Products (Quantities)  only on EUR (23%) and GBP (20%) 

If more than one modifier group is applied to the product, then the first listed modifier group will appear