How to turn off Online Ordering

Following the steps in this article you will be able to disable your online menu.

1) Log into your business portal using


2) From this screen go to 'Settings' and then click on 'Branches' from the drop down menu.


This will then take you to your list of branches available to edit.

3) Click on the name of the branch you want to disable Online Ordering for.

Edit Branch-2

4) From here you will need to click on 'Ordering Settings' on the left hand side and then hit the 'Edit' button in the top right.

Ordersettings edit

5) You will then see this box below. To turn your Online Ordering off click on the toggle icon next to 'Available for Ordering' so that it goes from green to grey.

Turn Off

Once that has been done the save option will light up green confirming that a change has been made. Click on these to complete the process and make your online menu disabled.

Turn Off Save

6) You should now see a screen similar to the below where 'Ordering Enabled' is greyed out. When this is the case customers will not be able to Order Online from your menu. This will continue to be the case until you go back into the ordering settings for your branch to turn this back on.

Order Disabled