I can't log in to my account with Facebook anymore

Please have a read below of a recent update that we made to our applications regarding the Facebook log in feature.

We recently made an update to our applications (including our white label applications) where we have removed the Facebook log in button as an option to access to accounts.


- We decided to do this in the best interest of our users, to improve app functionality and also for data security.


If you previously made a LoyLap account and used the Facebook log in button to sign up, to regain access to your account, click on here and input the email that your facebook account is registered to.

- An email will then be sent to you momentarily with a link to set a password. 

*If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder.


If you no longer use/have access to the email that is was connected to your facebook or, if you didn't receive any email, Please drop us a message at support@loylap.com and provide us with some details on your issue so that we can assist you.