Linking a Gift, Loyalty or Membership Card (Custom Branded App)

Link a Gift, Loyalty or Membership Card to your account so all of your funds are in one place

1) Log into the business's mobile wallet application. You will then want to tap on the profile icon at the top right.

Top Right Highlight

2) From here you will want to tap on the option to "Manage your cards, fobs & wearables".

WLA Account Highlight

3) From here you will be able to manage cards linked to your account, such as remove any current cards. Or also add further cards.

WLA Manage Cards

WLA Link Card

4) If you choose the option to scan the QR code of the card, your device may prompt the app to access the camera. You will need to choose an option that allows this to proceed. Similarly if your devices is capable of NFC and your card is NCF capable the app will require you to provide NFC permissions.

WLA Allow Camera Android

5) You can also manually type the details in as displayed below:

WLA Link Card Manual

6) once a card is linked the balance that was on the card will then be merged with the balance on the app. So if you had an app balance of £/€/$10 and then linked a card worth £/€/$20 the app balance would then be displayed as £/€/$30.


If you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact us.