Managing accounts from your Merchant Page

Using the steps in this article you will be able to amend accounts & issue vouchers on

1. Go to the login page of

Login Page

2. Once logged in you will see the below screen. You can search for an account either via the account number or the name / email address on the account.

Search by Account Number or Email

3. In this example we'll search via an account name. Once this has been input you will see a list of all accounts with that name.

Name Search

4. Once you have clicked on the desired account you will then see the account number, as well as any balances. From here you can then choose to amend account balances from the options below:

Account Options

5. Once you choose an option to amend the balance you can type in the amount to amend this by and you can preview what the balance will be for each action.

Balance amendment