Migrating from a Lite app to Full app on Clover

The depreciation of the "Lite" apps on Clover requires merchants to move to the Full version of the app to continue to recieve the latest features and bug fixes.

Starting on the 1st April 2020, we will be sunsetting all our "Lite" apps on Clover. We will be rolling all existing functionality into the equivalent full app and removing the Lite apps from the app stores.

To download the full apps please follow these links:

For US and Canadian Merchants:

For Merchants in the EU and UK:

Who will this affect?

If you are a merchant who has installed the "Loyalty Lite" or "Gift Cards Lite" app on your clover devices. These apps were available to merchants who are on Clover's Payments Plus or Terminal Only plans.


Why is this change being made?

We are making our development and release processes simpler and faster. The changes allow us to respond to support requests more efficiently and release changes, feature updates and bug fixes faster.


Will I need to change the way I use the Gift Card and Loyalty apps?

No. We are updating the functionality of the "Gift Cards" and "Loyalty" apps to mimic their "Lite" counterparts. All the same functionality will be available and these full apps will now be available for download for all Merchants on every Clover billing plan. We plan on minimising the operational impact so that upgrading can be done remotely and your employees will not notice any changes.


How do I upgrade?

  1. Delete the Loyalty Lite and Gift Lite apps from your device through the Clover Dashboard
  2. Install the Loyalty App and Gift App from the Clover dashboard (links at the top of this article)
  3. Open the new app on your Clover device
  4. The new app will attempt to log in to your existing account automatically
  5. If you are prompted to log in, please use the owner email and password for your account (to reset a forgotten or lost password please go to loylap.com/forgotPassword


What if I don't upgrade?

In early April we will be releasing an update to the Gift Card Lite and Loyaly Lite apps which will display a message asking merchants to migrate to the new applications. This message cannot be dismissed and will contain links to the full apps.

We will not support upgrades to the Lite apps beyond the 10th April 2020. Any bug reports or feature requests made by merchants will be dealt with in the full apps so migrating will be required to take advantage of future changes.


Will I be charged for changing?

No. We will charge the same baseline Clover Integration fees for the full app as we do on your existing Lite plans. For the latest pricing options please visit the app links at the start of this article. For merchants on higher tier plans, the baseline Clover Integration fees will remain the same and any additional support or feature fees will be charged through your existing payment mechanism.


If you would like any more information please contact support@loylap.com and our team will be happy to provide any assistance needed.