Placing an Order

This article shows you how to process an Online Order with a Merchant on the LoyLap Ordering Platform

In some locations, you will be able to order ahead for collection, simply use the following process:

1) Log into the LoyLap app and navigate to the business you wish to order from. Once there tap on the Order Icon at the bottom of the screen.

Merchant Home Order


2) In the Order tab, select the location you wish to order from:



3) You can then select your orders time and date for collection:



4) Then select your items and select any applicable modifiers (i.e. milk types, sugar e.t.c):

item added


5) Then you can Checkout and add any special requests. You can pay with an account balance, gift card and credit & debit cards: 



6) When your order is accepted you will receive an email with your receipt and order reference.


If you need anything else then don't hesitate to contact via