Promoting your Loyalty System

Tips to get your loyalty system or new White Lable app off the ground running with LoyLap

Here are some of the top ways to get your customers involved

1) Staff Pitch

Make sure after every purchase for a period of time that Staff tell customers about the benefits of the new Loyalty App. Rather than saying generic comments like 'Would you like to join our loyalty system', we find it is more effective to use specific lines that tell the customer the exact benefit of joining 'We offer 10% back and some special offers on our Loyalty program if you'd like to join?'


2) Marketing Cards

Business card sized marketing cards are a very cost-effective way to get the word out to your customers. We can help design and get these for you.


3) Joining Campaigns 

Use the LoyLap Campaigns functionality to run a promotion for new app joiners - e.g. get a free coffee after your first purchase using the loyalty system. important that the customer gets the offer after buying something to stop customers having an incentive to constantly create new accounts 


4) Social Media 

Get a post on social media. This could either be with a link to the app store for customers to download the LoyLap / White Label app or a link to your new campaign to show off your offers.


5) In Store and POS Marketing Material 

Poster or little stickers at the POS. We can provide stickers, get in contact with us to request there over on