Redeeming a Gift Card (Clover Flex Payments Terminal)

Following the Steps in this article you will be able to Redeem a Gift Card on your Clover Flex when it is operating as a payments terminal.




1) Open the Sale app from the Home Screen of your Clover Flex.


2) Type in the amount for the transaction, then tap on the option for Gift Card by LoyLap.

payments-plus-sale edit


3) This will load you into the Gift Card app. Here you can tap on the QR code button in the bottom right to open the camera on the Flex. Using this you can scan the QR code on the card you wish to redeem.


home-w-order edit


4) Once the card is scanned, the account it is linked to will pop up, showing the current balance on the card and an option to redeem. You'll also see the order total and the new balance of the card post the amount about to be redeemed.


payments-plus-redeem edit


Tap on the redeem button to complete the transaction.

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