Refunding a Payment from the LoyLap Dashboard using Judopay

Following the steps in this guide, you will be able to refund an online payment from your LoyLap business portal.

1) Log into your business portal on


2) Using the 'Reports' option at the top of the screen you can then click on 'Transactions' to get your transactions report.

Reports Transactions

3) Find the transaction you want to refund. Refunding this was is only possible to refund 'Upfront' payments. You can apply these filters using the Transaction Type and Payment type.

Transaction Filters

Once you have found the transaction click on the 3 dots and will see a 'Refund' option appear.

Transactions Refund

4) After clicking refund you will see the below box. You can either refund the entire payment or select a certain value to go back to the customer. In this example we will refund the whole transaction.

Confirm Refund

After clicking 'Refund' you will see the below in the bottom left of your screen if the transaction is successful.

Refund Process

5) Once the refund has processed you will see this as a separate line on your transactions report with the example below showing the removal and showing it marked as a refund.

Refund Line