Registering your Loylap Account for the first time

This article will walk you through the initial setup of your Loylap account.

To sign up and start your journey with Loylap visit to get started.

Loylap home

Hit the Create Your Business Account button and you'll be well on your way to getting set up with us.

You'll be presented with our Pricing Options. This isn't confirmation at this stage however it does give you an idea of the level of services we can offer depending on the platform you chose. Please bear in mind that this monthly cost is per location.


Once you hit create account you'll begin the sign up process and start entering the require details for us to get you started.

sign up

Business Owner Setup

You will then see the below page and be sent a verification email. If you don't get the email in a couple of minutes then hit the link on the verification page.

verification page

verification email

After you've hit the confirm account button from the verification email you will have received you will be required to input some information about your business.


Business Owner Setup AddressBusiness Owner Setup Details

Once you have finished inputting the detail about your business you'll be taken to the pricing pages where you can outlined how many branches your business has aswell as choice of the plans. We have given an example here on how this will work out the cost for you if you have multiple sites as mentioned before.

Setup Pricing

Setup Pricing 2

Once you've decided on your plan hit select and you'll be asked to enter in your payment information. This still also need to be completed on the free plan for a couple of reasons:

  • Validate the payment method with your bank
  • Record the payment details should you wish to upgrade your plan

A payment of 1p is required to validate the account and will not be fully debited from the account. It will remain in a pending state for a few days depending on your bank.

After this processes successfully you will be taken to your very own business portal. It will look something like the below image. This will be your main hub once you start gaining customers to see how successful your business is using Loylap.

Business Portal