Resend a Misplaced Experience Voucher to a Customer

Using the information in this article you will be able to se-send a mis-placed Experiences Voucher

When an Experience voucher is sent, a receipt is sent to the purchaser. Within this receipt there is an option for the customer to resent the voucher to its intended recipient; there is also the option for them to edit the email address if there was a typo in the initial voucher purchase which they wish to rectify. 


For more information on how to do this, please see this related article you can send to customers to help them get their voucher to its intended recipient. Article - Resending a digital gift voucher


Should you wish to resend the voucher on the customers behalf, you can do so by setting up an inbox which will automatically receive copies of all digital vouchers purchased for your business.  You will just need to search for the email address that the voucher was issued to within your back up email inbox to locate the voucher which can then be forwarded on.

Should you not have a backup email address already set then we have a guide here detailing how this can be set up. As the voucher will still need to be re-issued then please contact our support team via email on advising the email address the voucher should have been issued to as well as the date it was purchased and the amount the Experiences voucher was for so we can forward this on.