How do I set up Digital Gift Cards?

These are the steps required to set up your business on to sell digital Gift Cards as an existing LoyLap client.

To avail of our digital gift card service, you must avail of our €15 package which includes 1000 worth of digital voucher sales and physical gift and loyalty card app usage.  There is a 0% transaction fee for the digital gift cards, but there is a 5c per click charge for voucher sales under €1000 and a 3% for voucher sales over €1000.
this package also includes physical gift and loyalty

In order to sell digital Gift Cards, it's required to firstly set up a payment mechanism so that you can receive money directly from your customers debit/credit cards.

We do not handle your money, rather we just direct the payment directly to pay you. 


1. Link, or set up, an online Payment Gateway (where funds are deposited)

We work with Stripe regardless of your location. You can create or connect an existing Stripe account directly through the LoyLap Business Dashboard.

  • Log in to your account
  • Navigate to More->Settings->Get Paid -> Connect Judopay
2. Activating:

    We will then inform you within 5 days normally how your account has been set up successfully with the payment gateway and you are now all set to accept payment online for Digital Gift Cards. 


    *All digital payments will incur an additional $/€/£0.05 fee


    If you do not currently have a LoyLap account, please fill out the below form and you will receive an email login to your new LoyLap account -


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