Setting your Item Sort Order in Self Checkout

Following the steps in this Article you will be able to set the order for your items & categories to show in Self Checkout

After logging into your Business Portal on follow the guide below:

1) Click on  'Inventory'


2)  To edit an inventory items Sort Order

- Click on the inventory item that you want to edit 


Next page is where you can mark the Allergens and see the Category the Item is in: 

* The category selected will add/move the inventory item to a folder under that category name for easy access on your POS

* you can also add the item to other categories as you need (e.g. 'burgers and dogs' above)

* The sort order will list the inventory item in numeric order within that category. For example, entering the number 1 as shown above will place the product at the top of the list in a given category, entering number 5 will place the product in 5th place, etc.

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