Transferring your Gift Cards to PAX

This article outline everything you need to know about being able to moving your Gift Cards from your current provider, like Savvy, to Facilipay on PAX

1) You will need to export the data from your current provider. This should be able to be completed via an online portal they offer or can be requested from their support team. The main pieces of information we will need: Card Numbers, Balance associated to the card, Date that the cards will be transferred over on. We would look to receive this in either a .xls or .csv file.


2) There import fee will need to be paid prior to the data transfer being completed. The costs can be found below:





Once this has been paid we can look to complete the transfer of cards that have a balance. Note that we will only transfer cards that have a balance and will not be moving over cards with a balance of 0.


3) There may be transactions fees associated with these card loads, as these are treated as top-ups within our system. This is to be discussed with your sales representative and they can confirm prior to completing the transfer.