Troubleshooting Digital Gift Cards

What to do if a customer doesn't receive a Digital Gift Card

Mistakes happen. Customers do occasionally enter a typo in their recipient email, and sometimes an over-zealous Spam checker can really cause havoc. Whilst some things are out of everyone's control, there are some things we can do to minimise these occurences and when that's not possible, to act quickly.


1. Set up a backup inbox

Designate a merchant controlled inbox to receive a copy of every voucher sent out. Email with your designated inbox, which could just be your inbox or a custom inbox. We will hook this up for you (we will update this post when it's possible for you to do this yourself)

We also store a copy of all vouchers sent ourselves so our support team will be able to help you out too.


2. Gather the correct info from your customers

When a customer emails about a missing voucher, the first response should always be to ensure they have given you enough information to search for the voucher in your backup inbox. Depending on the volume of sales finding a specific voucher can be difficult. We recommend asking the customer for these 4 bits of information:

  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Email
  • Voucher Value
  • Time and Date of purchase

Once you have that info you should be able to perform a search, find the voucher and forward it to the customer again.


3. If all else fails...

Contact for assistance. Our team will be glad to help.