Understanding transaction filters on your Business Portal

See below for a breakdown of what each transaction filter means and does.

When you're trying to locate a transaction,  there are various transaction filters that you can use, as seen below.




The 'Time' transaction filter is self explanatory -by clicking on this filter, you can filter the transaction history results by date/dates and time frame. 

If you are looking for transactions for a single day, simply select that day as the start and end date and if you're looking to filter transaction history for a week/month/year filter you can also do this.



If you are looking for transactions made by a specific person, use this filter and input the name that their LoyLap account is registered to.


Transaction Type

The transaction types are listed as 'add' or 'redeem'

Add = Money added to an account; gift card balance, loyalty (stamp or credit) rewards and Upfront (top ups)

Redeem = Money removed from an account; gift card balance, loyalty (stamp or credit) rewards and Upfront (top ups)


Payment Type 

The payment type transaction filter is the payment method that the customer has used. 

Payment types include: Gift, Loyalty (Credit, Stamp or Order Ahead), Cashless (Linked Debit Card), Upfront, Refund, Surcharge or Vend 


LoyLap Amount 

The LoyLap amount is the same as the payment/order total - so if you're looking to locate transactions that were a specific amount or in a specific price range then use this filter.


Customer ID

The customer ID otherwise known as the LoyLap ID,  is the eight digit code on the back the the customers gift or loyalty card, beneath the QR code.

*For businesses that use 'Cashless' bands or staff cards, the customer ID is internal and can only be retrieved by searching for the customers name or email on your customer database or, by scanning the customers band or staff card via the 'Cashless' app on site (The code that appears after scanning, beside the text 'code received' is the customers ID)


Account ID

This filter can generally be ignored as it can be confused with the 'Customer ID (LoyLap ID).

The Account ID is the unique ID given to an account once it is set up.



This filter is primarily for Franchisees or hospitality groups that may have multiple businesses under their wing, each of which may have more than one location.



This filter is for franchises that have multiple locations. The filter can be used to narrow down search results alongside the above filters so that the results shown will only be from a specific location.



This filter is to filter transactions processed by individual employees.