Viewing Offers

Check out what campaigns a business is running and find out how you can benefit.

1) Log into the LoyLap app. Then you'll want to tap on the Offer button in the bottom right.

WLA Home Offer Highlight


2) You'll then see all of the campaign offers that this business is offering. 

Offers Home


To look at the terms of the campaign to see when they are running and if you qualify then tap into one of them. We'll tap into the Happy Birthday offer.

Offer 1


We can see that you can get a free slice of pizza during the month of your birthday. To make sure you have set this correctly you can see our guide on account management here. There is also a link to go through to Order Online should the business offer this.

The other offer is free Coffees if you have the VIP role on your account.

Offer 2


A role is something the business will assign to it's customers. Inquire with your business to see how you can get this role assigned to you.

If you have any further questions then don't hesitate to contact us.