What are my responsibilities to my Members?

When a customer decides to become a Member, please allow them to enter their details (you'll also find this improves data accuracy) this will also allow them to consent to our Privacy Statement and Terms.

Your key responsibilities in regards to your Members are covered by acting as a Data Controller.

We'd recommend checking your national Information Commissioner website or with legal counsel to get a better idea of what that means for you and your customers, as you'll most likely be assuming that role with a variety of digital businesses.

Remember to be cautious of third-party services you use your Member data with, to ensure they are secure and not selling/ sharing the data you store; It's not only a bad customer experience, it's in breach of our Terms.

Basic cyber-security practices like complicated passwords and ensuring your website has HTTPS certification (especially on pages where customers are entering data) will also help keep your Members safe.

If you have any security concerns, please let us know immediately at support@loylap.com so we can support and protect your Members.