Redeeming an Experience voucher on your POS or Payment Terminal

After reading the below article you'll have a better idea on how to redeem an experiences voucher

Experience vouchers are always for a set amount, regardless of the item in question. See an example of an item that can be purchased as an experience here:

Even though there are a lot of specifics to the voucher, like the number of guests, length of stay, inclusive breakfast. The value of the voucher itself is €205.

This means that all the merchant would need to do to redeem the voucher is scan the QR code that the customer would present, either on their phone or printed off, and then a redemption of the full amount would be made to reduce the voucher balance to 0. Redemption would work very similar to redeeming a voucher on the POS of choice, linked below are eticles detailing how this will be completed:




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